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Our mindset

– quality grapes for quality wines.

Enthusiastic people and strong belief that all great wines are born in a vineyard are the essence of our history right hereб around us and in every glass of our wine. The merging of time, traditions, and modern equipment capabilities allow us to produce wines with characteristic varietal features, carefully reflecting the individual approach and local terroir.

In the production process of"Valery Zaharin" wines we use modern equipment and the up-to-date technologies. One of the important conditions for obtaining high-quality wine is the proximity of winery and vineyard. Delivery of our grapes from the field to the winery takes 10 minutes.

The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand early in the morning while it is cool outside and the grapes are cold. We place fresh-cut grapes in perforated boxes with a capacity of not more than 10 kg. Drainage holes in the side walls and at the bottom of the boxes provide free air circulation around the clusters, having a positive impact on the grapes quality.

Wine production is a complex technological chain, which depends on whether we process white or red grapes. The first stage of processing is a gentle crushing of grapes. At all stages of production, we use an inert gas (nitrogen) to protect the must and pulp from oxidation.

A mandatory condition for wine production is the fermentation of must and pulp at a regulated temperature. In the production process of white wines, the must ferments at a temperature of + 16 °C, in the production process of red wines the pulp ferments at a temperature of + 28 °C. Fermentation temperature control allows you to save the grape aromas of the future young wine.

Modern equipment used in the production of "Valery Zaharin" wines makes it possible to apply various techniques for obtaining high-quality red wines, such as: remontage (pumping around the top of the pulp), delestage (pumping over a must into another container and its further splashing on the pulp), pigeage (immersion of the top of the pulp into the fermenting must).

We keep only the best wines in French oak barrels, made by such manufacturers as “Seguin Moreau”, “Radoux”. For aging we use oak of different degrees of roasting. Aging period is not less than 12 months. Our "Dom Zaharinyh”red wine we age in the barrels of 225 liters (barrique) for 2 years.