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Wine guided tours

History of wine with the Crimean character

Unique routes

During the tour, tourists will learn the history of viticulture of Crimea, get acquainted with the intricacies of the proprietor’s and terroir winemaking, see firsthand all the stages of wine making, from bunches on the vine to a glass of aged wine.


The tour “Valery Zaharin’s Autochthonous and Proprietor’s Wines” begins with a visit to the oldest vine on the southern slope of the ancient city of monks and winemakers, Kachi-Kalyon

Ancient vine

The ancient vine survived for more than one century and retains the memory of the skill of winemakers of old times, it is here that the winemaker Valery Zaharin begins the story of the origin of winemaking on the Crimean land.

Grape presses (tarapany)

 A journey through the legendary history of the Crimean winemaking continues along the path to the top of the slope of the ancient city of Kachi-Kalyon, where there are still inside-the-cliff rooms and presses for grapes – tarapany.

Tasting of Autochthonous sparkling wine Kokur Brut

In one of the ancient wine-making caves, travelers will receive a reward – tasting of premium sparkling autochthonous wine made by Valery Zaharin.

Autochthon collection

The final point of the guided tour is a visit to the vineyards of the “Dom Zaharinyh” winery, the Baqqal Su terroir. Look-over a collection of rare autochthonous Crimean grape varieties and a productive vineyard.

Baqqal Su Terroir

The vineyard of the famous Crimean winemaker Valeri Zaharin includes autochthonous grape varieties, which have been cultivated for hundreds of years only in the Crimea, guaranteeing the uniqueness of wine made in the “Dom Zaharinyh” household. Having touched the vine of the Baqqal Su terroir, you will touch the age-old history of the Crimean winemaking. Here a unique wine with a Crimean character is born, saturated with a unique combination of soil features of mountain slopes and valleys, sun, characteristics of vine and art of winemaker Valery Zaharin.


Here, winemaker Valery Zaharin, whose wines have been awarded prizes of Russian national and international competitions, will tell about the intricacies of winemaking and technological secrets of vineyard caring in order to obtain high-quality fruits, as well as on the stages of wine production