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Opus Magnum


  • Type of wine dry
  • Wine color white
  • Alcohol 12%
  • Flow temperature 16-18
Opus Magnum
soft, with moderate acidity, with tones of dried apricot, vanilla
complex with intensive tones of pear, honey, mix of herbs
Sary Pandas, Chardonnay
excellent combination with duck under sour and sweet sauce, risotto with seafood, cheeses, fruits

An interesting and original white dry wine, the  name of which comes from Latin «white color».  Albedo is an alchemical term used by alchemists in  the 15th-16th centuries to designate one of the «Alchemical work» stages. The Albedo stage meant «renaissance». For Albedo wine, the Crimean  autochthonous grape sort of Sary Pandas and the  European sort of Chardonnay are used. The grapes  are harvested manually at the Crimean Peninsula  vineyards. Following traditional vinification in steel  tanks, the 2021 vintage was aged for 12 months in  oak barriques before bottling. Each bottle is  hand-capped and sealed with wax. This wine is  produced in limited quantities.

Opus Magnum Rubedo
  • 16-18 C
  • Strength: 13%
  • Type of: dry red