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Autochthonous wine

Aleatico- Kefesia

  • Type of wine dry
  • Wine color rose
  • Alcohol 11 %
  • Flow temperature 10-12 °С
Autochthonous wine
soft taste, with harmonic acidity, tones of strawberry
with rich bouquet of a blooming garden, red berries, yoghurt hues
Aleatico, Kefesia
to be served with dishes from fish, seafood, vegetable salads, berry desserts, fruit jelly
Bastardo – Kefesia
Autochthonous wine Bastardo – Kefesia
  • 14-16°c
  • Strength: 11,5%
  • Type of: dry red
Kokur - Sary Pandas
Autochthonous wine Kokur - Sary Pandas
  • 10-12°c
  • Strength: 13%
  • Type of: dry white
Kokur brut
Autochthonous wine Kokur brut
  • 4-6°c
  • Strength: 11,5%
  • Type of: brut white
Kefesia Reserve
Autochthonous wine Kefesia Reserve
  • 14-16 °С
  • Strength: 12%
  • Type of: dry red
Sary Pandas Reserve
Autochthonous wine Sary Pandas Reserve
  • 10-12 °С
  • Strength: 12%
  • Type of: dry white